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The irrigation must be a tailored suit for every square meter of soil

To reach efficient irrigation, you must first know that this action is much more tan applying a certain amount of water in some hectares of field. Before selecting mechanized irrigation equipment and installing it, certain variables must be analized to get better results.

In first place, it is essential to be aware that no soil is the same, and in many cases, not even one hectare with respect to other. That is why we say that the irrigation work must be a tailored suit for every soil. Beyond the quality of equipment, the important thing is where and how we make it work.

Technolgy today allows us to make a productivity map using satellite images, which compares and averagers the current state of the same soil with previous years. It is useless to have technology if we do not have the resources to use it intelligently to design the better alternative of a new venture, or adapt the existing one.

Does our field have water? What’s the quality? How much does it cost to get it out? What do I want to grow? How does water behave in the soil? How long does it penetrate? How much does it store? How is the climate historically in the area? The answer to these questions is the basis for creating an efficient irrigation project, with corresponding costs, so that the benefit is the greatest possible.

Once we obtain all the information about the soil, we will advise to choose the most appropriate irrigation equipment. According to what we already know, after an exhaustive analysis, the inputs such as cables, tubes, accessories, pumps, starters will be chosen, as well as the strategic places where the work will be done. Once this process is finished and according to the design, the client will choose their suppliers and the technology that best suits their own management and establishment.

In this way, we accompany the producer to appreciate that the project is not only to increase yields, but is also a fundamental weapon to reduce costs or increase margins. It is also about finding a balance between new technologies and nature; especially in irrigation, where the soul and the main thing are the water, the soil, the climate, the agronomic management and not the inputs in the first instance.

It seems important to us to highlight the concept of innovation as part of the strategy, to change mentalities and satisfy current market needs. We believe that innovating is not strictly making a radical change from the beginning, it is incorporating processes with innovative technologies and adapted to the needs of the producer, working together.

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