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Intellriego, a team of specialists for high quality irrigation projects

At Intellriego we have professionals with more than 25 years of experience and with more than 35.000 irrigated hectares. This numbers speak for themselves about the solid knowledge and infrastructure that we have in irrigation projects.


We are convinced that we have to advise our clients from the first project so that the irrigation work is exactly what they need for their field. In order to achieve this, it’s essential to have a team of experts and thus, connect technology and knowledge in order to have better team work.


To carry out a project, technicians in handling pumps, pipes, electricity and irrigation, geologists, surveyors, among other specialists, are needed.


As we always say, “an irrigation work is a tailored suit”. And for this to be so, we evaluate the planimetry and slope of the field, the meters to be ditched, the climatic conditions, among other factors. With all this exhaustive knowledge we achieve very efficient work times.


The success in an irrigation project will depend on the correct management of all these resources. This is how we will achieve a high quality final product at very competitive values in the construction of projects as well as in the provision of materials and accessories for them.


Intellriego has in its expertise finished projects with efficiency, uniformity and flexibility, both in water distribution and in fertilizers, automation and control.

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