Center specialized in advising and designing mechanized irrigation systems online

We design integral irrigation projects, from equipment to agricultural works. We aim at reaching efficiency and innovation through technology and novel materials, by means of a method.
This method is developed alongside a team of specialists, including the farmer and their advisers, delivering efficiency and sustainability in what we do.

Design of integral projects
● Design of equipment and irrigation systems
● Online layout and in situ work
● Feasibility and sustainability analysis
● Implementation of new technologies
● Cost reduction
Project optimization
● Redesign of pumping systems
● Feasibility and sustainability analysis
● Implementation of new technologies
● Cost reduction
Control of equipment efficiency
● Flow-rate measurement
● Inspection of nozzles, regulators and sprinklers
● Pressure measurement alongside the equipment
● Elaboration of a new rainfall chart
● Field test of rainfall in all the extension of the equipment
● Equipment control
Macroenvironment SAT. Productivity Map. Soil analysis, infiltration
● Soil infiltration test
● Soil analysis. Water-soil ratio
● Determination of sectors with irrigation variability, based upon the above mentioned or the client’s criteria
● Elaboration of macroenvironmental irrigation prescriptions
Microenvironment SAT. Productivity Map. Precision agriculture.
● Determination of sectors and zones with irrigation variability, based upon the above mentioned or the client’s criteria.
● Elaboration of microenvironmental irrigation prescriptions
● VRI application, variable rate irrigation.
● VRI Installation in equipment.


Daniel and I worked very hard on the biggest agricultural pivot project in the world. It was very challenging: bringing water to the desert from the Peruvian mountains. Today, that dream has come true. Thank you, Daniel, for your professionalism, patience and your highly useful technique.

Miguel Castillejo Robles

– Perú –

I met Eng. Daniel Peralta when we worked together planning an irrigation development project in Valle Medio, Río Negro, for the company McCain Argentina S.A. After that experience, we have requested each other’s counseling on occasions, which has been beneficial for the companies we have been part of, providing responsible knowledge. I believe he has accurate concepts, focused on future projects development.

Ing.Agr.MSc.Mariano Inchausti
Agroconsultores Asociados

I worked with Daniel for many years while being part of the irrigation systems sector for Nidera; he is an excellent, highly outstanding professional, completely trustworthy and responsible. His personal attributes make him stand out, in an integral way, in his working field.

Ing. Abel Polliotto

– Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe –

I have worked with Eng. Daniel Peralta for more than eight years in irrigation system projects, both in my field and in companies where I work as an adviser, always delivering economic and technical success.

Ing P.A. Antonio Luis Bertolino
Asesor Agropecuario. Bs As

– Buenos Aires – Diego de Alvear –

In Estancia La Tijereta and Estancia Don Matías, we have worked with Eng. Daniel Peralta in all matters related to logistics, design and assessment of irrigation equipment. He has always offered us accurate solutions, which shows how professional and efficient he is.

Ag. Oscar Moyano Sauret
Estancia La Tijereta – Estancia Don Matías SA.

– Entre Ríos –

With Daniel Peralta’s advice, we have undertaken three irrigation works. Two in the province of Buenos Aires and one in Entre Ríos. His advice was important, since each project presented technical limitations to be overcome. In Buenos Aires, we developed a 170-ha and a 100-ha equipment. In this case, it was necessary to adapt the equipment to the volume provided by the aquifer. In Entre Ríos, the difficulty lay in the irregular topography and rainfall. The best solution was also found, as well as the appropriate equipment.

Ing. Agr. Ricardo Izaguirre

– Pehuajó –

Your undertaking this new endeavor related to irrigation systems is great news. Your input in our project (consisting in designing, planning, installation and subsequent startup of the project) has been fundamental. I wish you the best in this new chapter!

Ing. Julián Petersen

– Arias, Córdoba –

Daniel is an innate innovator. He is always thinking outside the box, encouraging projects, looking for synergies. We celebrate the creation of Intellriego! Long live the agricultural entrepreneurs!

Lic. Victoria Soda

– GeoAgro / Agtiva. Rosario –

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel in irrigation projects in Ecuador. From that experience, I recall and appreciate his highly proactive attitude, initiative and capacity. Being so open-minded when elaborating projects and looking for solutions is a highly valuable and fundamental supply in startups in developing areas.

Ing. Agustín Ayerza

– Buenos Aires –

We have worked together in projects that included an irrigation pivot system, which is still in use. He offers professionalism and commitment in his work.

Andres Bermudez

– Rosario. Colonia 25 de Mayo –

Eng. Daniel Peralta is a professional entrepreneur with strong determination. He designs and implements systems that facilitate and automatize the work of those who have to execute artificial irrigation plans for a larger and more efficient production.

Ing. Agr. Telmo Juan Miguel Trossero

– Gódeken, Santa Fe –

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