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The correct choice of materials is decisive for a good irrigation work

The accessories chosen for an irrigation work will depend, among other things, on the soil and the location of where the work is done.


Although there are standardized accessories, at Intellriego we strive for them to be tailored to the need of each client and designed according to the project. That’s

why we manufacture our own irrigation accessories, both for our works as well as for third-party clients.


In order to guarantee a higher quality, the accessories we use are galvanized, with a good finish, robustness and durability – the main query that customers have – in comparison to other materials.


The accessories we use, being cheaper, reduce the cost of the final work. This makes us very competitive, not only in the construction of the works, but also in the sales of such accessories to the irrigation market. By manufacturing the materials ourselves, it’s cheaper for the costumer than, for example, buying a standardized PVC.


We have machinery that makes the work neat so that the field where its worked is intervened as little as possible. Anyways, beyond the technological resources that are available, the differencial of Intellriego is the extensive experience in irrigation works.

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